Vulcanizing Machines & Tools

GI proudly presents M/s Shaw Almex, in Saudi Arabia, the indisputable world leaders in pressing, laminating, vulcanizing equipment solutions and the most advanced conveyor belt repair tools in the industry.

ALMEX offering
  • UBR Press
  • Solo Xpress frame Vulcanizer
  • Pro Series Frame style press
  • SVP Sectional Vulcanizing Press
  • Unipress Sectional Vulcanizing Press
  • RAB and AB Frame Press
  • SP and SSP Belt Repair Presses
  • Belt Splicing Tool Kit
  • Light & sturdy structure of extruded aluminum specially designed for quick and easy operation and to withstand harsh conditions at site.
  • Specially designed flexible platen with air/water pressure bag system to cover to entire splice area and take the shape of the belt, to apply correct pressure on the belt.
  • Innovative “Silicone Element” fast heating system, with double wiring at the edges to give uniform heating over the entire splice area including the edges and minimize heat loss.
  • Highly sophisticated feedback enabled temperature control module T4P with +/- 3 degree Celsius accuracy with streategically embeded sensors in the platten ensures correct temperature monitoring in the splice area.
  • Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens, for fast water cooling cycle.