Hoses and Fittings

GI provides premium quality hoses and fittings. Its’ workshop is fully equipped with cutting, crimping, and modern testing facilities. The crimping of hoses can be completed at the workshop or onsite through the company’s fleet of mobile service vans.

Outstanding Features

  • Hoses include hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hoses
  • Fittings for hydraulic, industrial applications including adapting accessories 
  • Hydraulic cylinders and repairs thereof
  • Hydraulic machine servicing
  • Eneos brand of hydraulic lubricants
  • Onsite and mobile maintenance services
Hoses Fittings Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic machine Service
Hydraulic Hoses

Industrial Hoses
Hydraulic Hoses
Pneumatic Hoses

Industrial Hoses

Valves power packs

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